The Cave Shadow Series

From the Blue Book Drawings by Jim Doukas

Pre-Columbian peoples believed (and understood) that the human soul existed in two distinct locations at the same time: in the heart (circumnavigation of the blood) and in an animal (as a supernatural).

This animal counterpart lived in caves in sacred mountains.

While asleep a Human counterpart leaves the protective cave and roams and wanders in the other place of existence: the dream world.

Jim Doukas was born in New York and received a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He is an artist and educator who has taught at Ohlone College, Cabrillo College, U.C. Berkeley and San Francisco City College, where he was Department Chair. Doukas has also taught dye transfer and photography workshops for Ansel Adams Friends of Photography as well as in South America, Asia and Europe. Jim Doukas has had exhibitions of his works in California, Mexico, France and Spain. He has been designated by the Saudi Arabian government to design University of Riyadh photography complex. Doukas is one of the rare photographers of our time who utilizes various materials, methods and the darkroom in his practice — vaulting the phenomenon and visceral experience of classical and hand-made photography. His last book, Ancient Mythologies; Recent Visitations has received world wide acclaim.

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