Welcome to this, the inaugural issue of Funkyum, a compilation of engaging art, graphic design, photography, typography and words. Every issue we super–collide two themes and present the aftermath for your entertainment and conclusion. This time we’re investigating Transformation & Location.

Our mission is to create a space for artistic interpretation and collaboration. By inviting content based solely on two select juxtaposed ideas, we aspire to see what percolates and results from this minimally defined perimeter. Think of this magazine as the alley you don’t usually venture down — and you’re donning a bunny suit, as nature would have it. We hope you scratch your head at least once when perusing.

We’d like to thank our contributors for being as enthusiastic about the publication as we were. With a special callout to Delve Withrington for designing the uniquely wonderful ambitastic Funkyum nameplate.

In the spirit of bringing unscripted ideas together, we invite your feedback. Send us a comment to juxt@funkyum.com, tweet one @Funkyum. or post one on our Facebook page – facebook.com/funkyum.

Tastefully yours,
Jason (Chapin) & Lita (Mikrut)

Lita Mikrut is a typophile and graphic designer, based in Oakland, CA. She has studied and participated in fine arts, photography, and design for nearly 30 years. She has worked with the editorial teams of FontShop’s FontMag, and MacTribe magazine. Inspired by artistic collaboration, and the exploration of creative expression, she is thrilled to stoke the Funkyum kindling to see what sparks and lies within the fire of imagination.

Berkeley Public Library

Donut Time

Jason Chapin is the founder of Boston area web development and design concern Lab 1337. His 15 year career includes a variety of web-related roles; including web designer, systems administrator and developer for various West Coast start-ups and as well as the international type supplier, FontShop. He has been fascinated with the utilization of computers as an artistic medium from an early age, from using an Atari lightpen and creating primitive bitmapped fonts for an Okidata printer as a child, to currently exploring the Processing, OpenCV and various multimedia frameworks.